Udaipur 3 Day Solo Travel Itinerary
Udaipur 3 Day Solo Travel Itinerary

A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Udaipur: A 3-Day Itinerary

Nestled between the Aravalli Range and shimmering lakes, Udaipur is a city that captures the imagination. With its majestic palaces, bustling bazaars, and serene backwaters, Udaipur makes for an unforgettable first solo trip destination for any traveler exploring the diverse terrains of India.

When I embarked on my maiden solo voyage to Udaipur in December 2021, little did I know that this ‘City of Lakes’ would captivate me with its allure. But making the most of my magical stay in Udaipur did not happen by chance. Meticulous planning and preparation paved the way for my rewarding rendezvous with this enchanting locale.

I share my Udaipur solo travel itinerary in this article to help you chart your solo trip. However, I recommend crafting an itinerary tailored to your interests and travel style. Consider this a starting point, and feel free to adapt the suggestions to create your perfect Udaipur getaway.

When to Visit

Udaipur is a popular tourist destination, so expect higher prices during peak season (December-March). For instance, a single bed in a hostel could cost around ₹ 3,000 ($40) instead of the usual ₹ 500 ($7). There are countless accommodation options in Udaipur in all price ranges. 


This itinerary doesn’t cover travel expenses to and from Udaipur, as they may vary. For reference, the author traveled by train from Gwalior to Udaipur in AC 3-tier, which cost ₹ 1,100 ($15). To get around the city, you can rent a scooter, which will cost around ₹500 a day (Fuel not included). This can easily be arranged as there are multiple shops in old Udaipur for that. You can additionally ask your Hostel’s reception to arrange one for you. Before getting around with the vehicle, make sure you conduct thorough checks and take photos and videos to avoid any disputes while returning the vehicle. 

Total Cost

The total cost of your trip can fluctuate significantly based on your spending habits. As a first-time solo traveler, I recommend estimating your daily expenses in advance, ideally during the itinerary preparation stage. My own 3-day trip cost me ₹12,000 (all-inclusive). Here is a detailed breakdown of my expenditures:

  • Train Tickets (round trip): ₹2,200
  • Accommodation: ₹2,100
  • Scooter Rental: ₹1,500
  • Fuel: ₹500
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets: ₹800
  • Boat Rides: ₹500
  • Food: ₹3,000
  • Miscellaneous: ₹1,400

Please note that I may have overspent by a couple thousand rupees, as this was my first solo travel experience. You can enjoy a similar experience for around ₹10,000. When planning your itinerary, it’s wise to anticipate spending at least 15-20% more than your initial budget to account for any unforeseen expenses.

3 Day Solo Travel Itinerary For Udaipur

Day 1: Arrival, City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Hathipole Market

Arrival and Check-in

After arriving in Udaipur, take a cab or auto rickshaw to Old Udaipur, where most hotels and hostels are located. As a solo traveler, consider staying in a hostel for the opportunity to interact with other travelers and enjoy a safe, budget-friendly stay. Recommended hostels include:

  • Hosteller
  • Zostel
  • GoStops
  • Moustache
  • Shalom Backpackers

City Palace

City Palace Udaipur

Don’t miss the grand City Palace, which offers plenty to see and explore. Allocate around 2 hours to visit the various complexes and enjoy the stunning architecture. Entry fees are ₹ 300 for Indians and ₹ 100 for Indian students, with similar pricing for foreigners. Hiring a guide (₹ 250) is recommended for a richer experience.

Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple Udaipur

Just 100 meters from City Palace, Jagdish Temple, is a revered place of worship dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Admire the intricate detailing and serene atmosphere at the heart of Old Udaipur.

Hathipole Market

Hathi Pol Market Udaipur

End your day with shopping at Hathipole Market, where you can find affordable Rajasthani souvenirs and practice your bargaining skills.

Day 2: Sajjangarh Palace, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, Bagore Ki Haveli & Dharohar Dance Show

Sajjangarh Palace (Monsoon Palace)

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace Udaipur

Start your day at Sajjangarh Palace, perched atop a hill with panoramic views of Udaipur and its lakes. Entry fees are ₹ 60 for Indians and ₹ 300 for foreigners.

Lake Pichola & Jag Mandir

Lake Picchola Boat Ride Udaipur

Enjoy a boat ride on Lake Pichola in the afternoon and visit Jag Mandir, a floating palace. Boat rides start from City Palace and cost ₹ 400-700 for Indians and ₹ 700-1500 for foreigners.

Bagore Ki Haveli & Dharohar Dance Show

Bagore Ki Haveli Udaipur

Visit Bagore Ki Haveli, an 18th-century mansion-turned-museum, then attend the Dharohar Dance Show in the evening. Tickets are ₹ 150 for Indians and ₹ 300 for foreigners.

Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghar Udaipur

To end the day, visit Ambrai Ghat and take in the beautiful sunset view of Udaipur. The ghat is located right next to Lake Pichola, providing a picturesque setting with reflections of the City Palace on the lake. It’s best to go during the early evening as it gets quite crowded later on.

Day 3: Fateh Sagar Lake, Nehru Park, Bahubali Hills, Saheliyon-ki-Bari

Fateh Sagar Lake & Nehru Park

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

Begin your day at Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur’s second-largest artificial lake. Enjoy a walk or a boat ride (₹ 200-250) to Nehru Park, an island garden.

Bahubali Hills

Bahubali Hills Udaipur

Next, visit Bahubali Hills, which overlooks Badi Lake and offers stunning views of the Aravalli range. This spot has become popular for its picturesque scenery and as a pre-wedding shoot location.


Saheliyon Ki Bari Udaipur

Conclude your trip with a visit to Saheliyon-ki-Bari, a historical garden designed for royal ladies to unwind. The peaceful setting features lush lawns, fountains, and flower beds. Entry fees are ₹ 20 for Indians and ₹ 50 for foreigners.

Food in Udaipur

Udaipur is renowned for its opulent architecture and lively street food scene. Aside from its magnificent palaces, Udaipur boasts a vibrant café culture with numerous dining options to explore. While I sampled various eateries during my time in Udaipur, I will not list every place I visited since discovering the food scene yourself is part of the experience. You will find countless recommendations in online guides.

Some highlights of Udaipur’s culinary landscape include:

Jheel Ginger Cafe:

Jheel Ginger Cafe Udaipur

Nestled on the shores of the picturesque Lake Pichola, this café offers sweeping views of the lake and surrounding palaces. It serves a range of cuisines, from Indian and Chinese to Continental, in a casual setting. The lake vistas and breeze make it an ideal relaxing spot over a meal or coffee.

Natraj Hotel:

Natraj Hotel Udaipur

This budget-friendly hotel houses a restaurant serving traditional Rajasthani thali meals, a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Authentic flavors and affordable prices draw many to this no-frills eatery.

Harigarh Lake View Restaurant:

Hariigarh lake View Restaurant Udaipur

As its name suggests, this restaurant boasts stunning vistas of Lake Pichola from its dining hall and outdoor seating area. The menu features Indian and international fare as well as typical Udaipuri snacks. The scenic location and delectable food make it a stellar dining destination.


Ambrai Restaurant Udaipur

Nestled on the banks of Lake Pichola, Ambrai offers panoramic views of attractions like Jagdish Temple, Lake Palace, and Jag Mandir. It serves gourmet multi-cuisine dishes in an upscale yet casual setting. The riverside location and culinary delights create a magical experience.


Chandni Restaurant Udaipur

This stylish restaurant with contemporary décor offers reasonably priced diverse cuisines. With polished service and a well-stocked bar, Chandni is an excellent mid-range dining choice in Udaipur.


My solo trip to Udaipur was magical. As a solo traveler, stay at a hostel to connect with other explorers and make the most of this enchanting locale. With careful planning and an openness to serendipity, you’ll discover why Udaipur is a dream destination. I wish you safe journeys and cherished memories in the ‘City of Lakes’.



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